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There is so much you can teach with a VLS laser and a Formlabs 3D printer from LST Group



Laser Cut Plane Aerodynamics
Topographic Models
Laser Marked Measurement Beaker



Inlay Designs
Laser Cut Textile Shoe
Laser Cut Horse Inlay



Laser Cut Mechanical Claw
Laser Cut Building Model
Laser Cut Gasket



Laser marked sleeves
HSC Project
Laser Cut Peplum



Laser Cut Geodesic Dome
Laser cut Bowls
Laser Cut San Francisco Topography

LST Group are the experts in STEAM implementation of lasers.

With over 30 years experience and 1000+ machines in industry we know how to ensure students are vocation ready.

Over the last 3 years SCAS has purchased two Universal Lasers from LST Group and each day students work with great independence on these machines.  I have often advised that if schools are looking at a piece of equipment with the best bang for buck they cannot go past lasers.

Daniel Zavone

Director of STEAM | Iona Fusion Mentor, St Columba Anglican School, Port Macquarie

SCAS uses two Universal Laser Systems VLS3.50 from LST Group. 

The laser brings engagement to all students, regardless of age, gender and interests. The ease in which students can personalise, customise and add value to their existing projects is endless. The addition of a laser cutter has taken the quality of our project work to the next level.

Matt Scott

Head Teacher Industrial Arts and Computing , The Canobolas Rural Technology High School

Matt uses a Universal Laser Systems VLS2.30 from LST Group. Canobolas is a STEM Action School.

A large part of the HSC component is research in emerging technologies. The laser is an emerging technology that is easy to learn, fun to experiment with, and gives good effects.  View Anna’s Portfolio

Anna Jacobsen

HSC Band 6, Design and Technology, Roseville College

Anna used a Universal Laser Systems VLS4.60 from LST Group