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Here you will find a collection of projects for your laser

Universal Control Panel Reindeer Artwork

Click on the button to download the Christmas Bauble artwork

(Import downloaded file into your graphics software)

Universal Control Panel Reindeer Artwork
Merry Christmas From LST Group
Click on the button to download the Christmas Reindeer artwork
(Import downloaded file into your graphics software)
Our reindeer sample is made from LASER STENCIL MATERIAL:-
Laser Stencil Material

Prototype Rocket Car

Turn your laser into a super fast 3D printer to quickly prototype various rocket car designs.

As air does not scale will good aero-dynamics make any difference?

TIP – Start with a good set of wheels and a CO2 gas cylinder and build your car around them. Create your CAD model in a suitable software and then run through the Autodesk Fusion 360 Slicer app to create your own stacked slices.

Rocket Car
Sliced File

Cardboard Bridge Challenge

The challenge is to construct a bridge over a 24cm span using only one manilla folder. The design is to be completely cut on the laser and assembled without glue, tape or any other materials. The bridge that holds the most weight for over 30 seconds wins the challenge.

Overcome the limitations of material strength with efficient use of geometric structures and engineering principles.

TIP – Use blue vector mark to score the fold to make folding easy and accurate.

Official Bridge Span

The Accordion

The Garion

Build your own Chess Set

Chess Set

Click to download the artwork

Corel file of Board


EPS file of Board (zip)


STL file of Chess Pieces (zip)


Make your own fidget spinner

Make your own fidget spinner. Learn about limits and fits as well as moments of inertia. Who’s fidget spinner spins the longest?

TIP – There maybe slight flare out on the underside of your cuts depending on the thickness of your material. Consider the flare as well as the width of the cutting beam to calculate the right offset for a tight bearing fit.


Design a lampshade

Purchase a light fitting or salvage from an old lamp. Take the measurements and consider the aesthetic of your material and it’s ability to handle heat generated by the light source. Using tools available, draw a heat map of the light source.  Consider scale and distances in your design to ensure safe continual operation.

Design something that is pleasing to the eye, functional and durable.

TIP – Careful with plastics as close continual contact to a heat source may result in warping. Create a CAD model in a suitable software and then run through the Autodesk Fusion 360 Slicer app (FREE for schools, click here to download) to create the interlocked slices.

Modern Swede

Geometric Box

Glider Science

Prototype and develop a hand thrown glider model. The model must glide, withstand multiple flights and be capable of achieving a soft landing.

Understand the fundamentals of flight and aero-foils to achieve success.

TIP – The goose requires a gentle throw whilst the slinger needs a slingshot to reach optimum velocity. Solve the double trouble with careful consideration of materials.



Double Trouble

Battle Tops

3D print the battle spinner file then laser your own inter-changeable weapon.

TIP – Amend the 3D model or weapon to conceal a weight such as a nut or washers. Using heavier material will help your battle top hit harder and spin longer.

Battle Spinner

Weapon Template

Ted needs an outfit

Grab a Teddy Bear or Doll and make them a new outfit.

Lasers are used in industry to cut textiles such as cotton fabric, Denim and leather. They are also used to apply texture and patterns to denim. Learn about pattern making.

TIP – Sewing machine may be required to stitch items together.

Denim Vest