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TWICE as fast as its nearest competitor [Super Speed PLS6.150D ILS XLS]

Optional on PLS6.150D, ILS, ULTRA

SuperSpeed™ offers customers the unique ability to drastically improve system productivity in engraving and marking. This patented technology (US6313433) was designed from the ground up to benefit the customer. Our SuperSpeed technology:

  • Improves Processing Throughput
  • Improves Reliability and Uptime
  • Provides Ultimate Processing Flexibility
  • Enables Additional Resolutions
  • Is Easy to Use

SuperSpeed – How It Works

When a laser platform is equipped with two CO2 lasers of the same power, the combining optics result in one S-polarised beam and the other P-polarised. The SuperSpeed attachment uses this difference in polarization to independently control the focusing location of each laser.

SuperSpeed Vector
Both the S- and P-polarized laser beams are on at the same time. Each beam takes a different path, but comes to a focus at the same location. This is the configuration of SuperSpeed in vector mode.
SuperSpeed Raster
SuperSpeed rotates the optical elements to angle the beams relative to one another. This causes each beam to focus to a slightly different location within the processing area. The more the optical elements rotate, the larger the separation between focusing locations. This is the configuration of SuperSpeed in raster mode.