Why use a Laser?

  • Software Controlled – The laser can be controlled by any software with a print function.
  • Multi-Material – Process an endless number of materials available today and in the future.
  • Multi-Process – Cut, engrave, mark, and produce photo images in one step.
  • Non Contact – Modify material without applying any physical force.
  • On Demand – Produce everything you need in real time, without waiting for hard tooling.

How does laser processing work?

Who uses lasers?

What materials can be processed with a laser?

The ULS Materials Library is the world’s premier source for information on laser material processing. It provides information on the types of materials that can be laser processed and the processes (laser cutting, engraving and marking) that are possible with a given material.  Click the image to view.

Uniquely Universal Features

What are the right questions to ask when buying a laser?

ULS Ecosystem

Rapid Laser Tube Reconfiguration

1-Touch Photo Engraving

Intelligent Rotary

Configurable Pin Table

Brand Comparison

Raster Performance Comparison Test

Raster performance, also known as raster mode, is mainly used for engraving and photo imaging. In this test, a single graphic element was used to compare raster performance. Settings were selected on each laser system to minimize production time while achieving comparable, acceptable output quality.

Vector Performance Comparison Test

Vector performance, also known as vector mode, is mainly used for cutting and single line engraving and marking. In this test, 12 graphic elements were developed to test different aspects of vector performance when laser material processing. Settings were adjusted on each laser system in the comparison to maximize performance while achieving comparable and acceptable quality for the PLS6.150D (ULS) and two competitor systems, System E and System T. 

Build Your Laser System

Universal Laser Systems offers a wide range of modular components that can be configured into more than 1,000,000 different laser system configurations, giving you the ultimate flexibility to build the best solution to meet your needs.

Start building your unique laser system configuration by using our 4-Step guided process. This process suggests the best platform and laser power for you based on your answers to questions about how you will use your machine (also known as laser cutter, laser engraver, or laser marker) and the materials you will process. You will also be able to select desired options in order to complete your laser system.

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