Universal Laser Systems (ULS)

Celebrating 30 Years of Innovation

ULS timeline 1988-1996

ULS timeline 1998-1996


Company founded, then became Universal Laser Systems (ULS)

ULS timeline 1997-2003

ULS timeline 1997-2003


Introduced M, V and X Platforms, Rapid Reconfiguration, SuperSpeed through to VersaLaser Desktop

ULS timeline 2004-2012

ULS timeline 2004-2012


HPDFO – CO2 direct marking on metal. VLS, PLS, ILS Platforms. PLS6MW – fiber and CO2 in one system

ULS timeline 2013-2018

ULS timeline 2013-2018


XLS Platform through to ULTRA MultiWave Hybrid technology

LST Group offers Laser and 3D solutions for use in additive and subtractive manufacturing. Our Support and Education team will ensure you don’t just buy a box, but will give you the tools you need to release your creativity. We work across all industries and will help create opportunities for your business.

We like to do business with LST Group because they know their machines really well. They’re not just about selling. They’re about customer service and what’s best for the client.

Chris M

We support our clients for the long term. We’ve been doing that for over 30 years and will continue to provide excellent products and quality service into the future.

LST Group – Helping Create Exceptional Outcomes

Heart For Kids

LST Group is a major supporter of Heart For Kids, helping bring change for orphans and kids living in poverty.

A Miles & Co.

LST Group has partnered with A Miles & Co. to focus on sales and service of Universal Laser Systems in Queensland.