Transform your 3D Printing Experience with UltiMaker Method

UltiMaker Method offers intuitive and affordable 3D printing, producing dimensionally accurate parts in production-grade materials. Our patented VECT™ Thermal Regulation system creates parts 2x stronger on the z-axis and 2x more accurate overall. With an actively heated chamber and rigid metal frame, you get consistent, high-quality prints every time. Trusted by leading designers and engineers, UltiMaker Method is ideal for creating strong, heat-resistant metal replacement parts. Elevate your 3D printing capabilities with UltiMaker Method.

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UltiMaker Method Features

Discover the Unique Innovations by UltiMaker that deliver Exceptional Results

Circulating Heated Chamber

Stronger, more durable parts

At the heart of the METHOD platform is the circulated heated build chamber, exclusive to UltiMaker. METHOD has a 60C heated build chamber, while the
METHOD X has a 110c build chamber. A Heated Chamber produces stronger more durable parts than a heated build plate. Get consistent strength in three axis with recirculating heat on every layer.

Dual Performance Extruders

Accelerate Print Times

The METHOD dual performance extruder system is built from the ground up to accelerate print times while providing dimensional accuracy.
– Smart Sensors for material management and print protection.
– Greater Torque with a 19:1 dual-drive gear ratio.
– Lengthened thermal core with less than 60 second heat up time.

Dimensional Accuracy

Guarantee accuracy ± 0.2mm (± 0.007in)

A key feature of METHOD 3D printers is the finished part dimensional accuracy. This allows METHOD to print complex geometries that are impossible to print
with advanced materials on a regular Desktop 3D printer. The only printer in its class to guarantee finished part dimensional accuracy ± 0.2mm (± 0.007in).